Softweave has an impressive range of loom finished, yarn dyed jacquard terry towels. Our exquisite bath linen is more than what you would expect – and is priced at unbelievably affordable rates!

We have some eclectic new collections to choose from – the Rajputana Range is reflective of royalty, Chevy Solids is modern chic, Rhombus is a geometric delight, and Regal and Matrix are designed for those who prefer subtle elegance.

From customers to retailers to distributors, Softweave is happy to receive words of praise and encouragement!
A distributor

Softweave delivers what is most sought after by a distributor - excellent products, great variety and steady supply. The brand has helped us better our portfolio - we are very happy to be associated with Softweave.

Vikash Jain
A retailer

The product quality is outstanding, the packaging is simple yet very elegant - and my customers love it! Thank you, Softweave, for making such a nice range of towels with such beautiful packaging!

Raghu Yadav
A customer

I am delighted to use your products as they are very fine - and what I loved the most was your little note with both the pieces. The note touched my heart and I have personally seen this thing for the first time for any home usage product.

Sumedha Rewar